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TiVo SDV Oddity

A reader contacted me today to ask me about something odd he’s been experiencing with his TiVo Series3. He’s a Time Warner Cable user in Raleigh, NC, and lately they’ve been adding new HD channels using SDV in his area. … Continue reading

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Victim Of The Digital Transition: Analog TV Guide On Screen Devices?

Bruce Perens over at Technocrat pointed out something I hadn’t even thought of, and that I don’t recall being discussed elsewhere – the pending possible failure of TV Guide On Screen (TVGOS) dependent devices. According to Gemstar, more than 25 … Continue reading

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More Comcast TiVo Coverage From Steve Garfield, Including A Video

Steve Garfield is continuing to report on his new Comcast TiVo software. And, unsurprisingly as he’s a video blogger, he’s also made his first video report on the software, focusing on the Guide: The “archaic, stupid cable rule” that he … Continue reading

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Getting Started with TiVo

Since some of you may be newcomers to the world of TiVo, and some of you old hands might not be aware of all the tips and tricks, I’ve compiled a Getting Started with TiVo guide. It has been updated … Continue reading

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A New Old Backdoor Code On The HD TiVos

I was playing around with my TiVo Series3 recently and I thought I’d see if there were any new backdoor codes, like SPS30S for 30-second skip or SPS9S for the on-screen clock. I didn’t really expect to find anything, but … Continue reading

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