Best Buy allows Reward Zone points to be redeemed at

Veering away from tech for a moment, into acquiring tech. I like Best Buy well enough to have made them an affiliate for the site, but I know they’re generally not the cheapest place to buy from. Personally I love (yeah, I know it is ‘Google Product Search’ now – that’s a mouthful, I still call it Froogle),, and for finding good deals on whatever I’m looking for. But there is a Best Buy five minutes from my office and from my house, and I have to drive past both of them on my commute. So I will sometimes run in there to pick something up when they have a sale (I got a stack of nice APC UPSes on sale real cheap which I use to keep my AV stack happy, among other things), or if I need something quick and can’t wait for online shipping. Or if I just must have something now! So I end up getting Reward Zone certificates – and sometimes they end up rotting in my wallet until they expire, because I don’t go into the stores that often.

Unfortunately, you can’t redeem the Reward Zone points online at which would be convenient. At least you couldn’t, until now.

They hit me with an affiliate email last night announcing that “Best Buy Reward Zone Now Redeemable Online” Just enter the certificate number during checkout. Also, if you redeem a Reward Zone certificate online during the month of October, you’ll earn an extra 100 points on the purchase.

I’ve had a $5 certificate rotting in my wallet for a couple of months, expiring on 11/10/07 – guess I should use it now. :-)

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  • Dave Zatz

    Nice – about time! Wonder why I didn’t get the email too? Though they did email me to tell them the month I was born for 100 points…

  • megazone

    I’m special. ;-)

    Speaking of affiliate programs, when is Sling going to update theirs? ;-) No Solo, comparison page link broke with the last site change, etc. You have deep pockets now. ;-)

  • Dave Zatz

    We might need another few weeks or months before those deep pockets are in place. ;) I’ll check in with our affiliate liaison again and see what the deal is.

  • Dave Zatz

    It works! Even though I didn’t get the email, I gave it a shot. I’m using reward points to replace my Humax DVD-burning TiVo with a TiVo HD in the bedroom… figure I needed a cheapie DVD player and found a DivX-capable one for under $40.