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A Quick Note About The Site Ads Today

I normally keep hot button issues like politics out of this blog, but I noticed that the Google AdSense ads today have been displaying banners for ProtectMarriage.com and their “Yes on 8″ position. I in no way endorse their position … Continue reading

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Holographic Storage – Tomorrow’s Technology… Tomorrow.

This is beginning to sound like the Moller Sky Car, Duke Nukem Forever, or Digeo releasing a consumer Moxi DVR. Back in April, InPhase Technologies said they’d be announcing a holographic storage product in May. Well, now they’re saying it … Continue reading

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Netflix Silverlight Streaming Now Available For Macs (And Windows)

The new Silverlight-based Netflix streaming option is available now for anyone who wants to wants to try it out. It might not be a big deal for Windows users, who already have access, especially since the new client is still … Continue reading

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