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Holographic Storage – Tomorrow’s Technology… Tomorrow.

This is beginning to sound like the Moller Sky Car, Duke Nukem Forever, or Digeo releasing a consumer Moxi DVR. Back in April, InPhase Technologies said they’d be announcing a holographic storage product in May. Well, now they’re saying it … Continue reading

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Holographic Storage? This Time For Sure!

Forgive me for being skeptical, but I’ve been hearing about holographic storage, and how it is the next big thing, for at least ten years now. I’ve even made a few posts about it here in the past. So far … Continue reading

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Yet Another Holographic Storage Proposal

Out of nowhere, Call/Recall Inc. has dropped a press release announcing their “2-Photon-3D technology” – yet another holographic storage disc system. This technology has been the Next Big Thing for seven or eight years now, with a number of companies, … Continue reading

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