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Android Grabbed 26.9% of Global Tablet Market in 3Q11, iPad 66.6%

For the third quarter of 2011 iPad, unsurprisingly, dominated the tablet market with a 66.6% share. Android came in second with 26.9%, according to figures from Strategy Analytics. At first glance that seems like a dominating win by iPad, but … Continue reading

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Holographic Storage – Tomorrow’s Technology… Tomorrow.

This is beginning to sound like the Moller Sky Car, Duke Nukem Forever, or Digeo releasing a consumer Moxi DVR. Back in April, InPhase Technologies said they’d be announcing a holographic storage product in May. Well, now they’re saying it … Continue reading

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Holographic Storage? This Time For Sure!

Forgive me for being skeptical, but I’ve been hearing about holographic storage, and how it is the next big thing, for at least ten years now. I’ve even made a few posts about it here in the past. So far … Continue reading

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Blu-ray News Round-up

An array of Blu-ray news today. Opus Arte, a distributor specializing in ‘high-art’ titles (Swan Lake, Strauss: Die Fledermaus, and the like), has previously been exclusively HD DVD. However, they’re going neutral, adding Blu-ray Disc to their high-def releases. Their … Continue reading

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Woolworths Drops HD DVD, Gartner Calls Blu-ray Win, Toshiba Blows $2.7 Million On Super Bowl Ad

Major UK retailer Woolworths (not to be confused with defunct US retailer F. W. Woolworth Company aka Woolworth’s) has decided to drop HD DVD from their stores after Blu-ray bested the format 10-to-1 during the holiday shopping season, according to … Continue reading

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