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Dave Zatz Orders Domino’s Via TiVo

Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny took the hit and ordered a pizza from Domino’s via the new TiVo HME application. And he kindly captured the experience on video and posted it to YouTube: I’d still like to see this … Continue reading

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TiVo Quintuples Stop||Watch Sample Size

TiVo is quintupling the sample size for their Stop||Watch service from 20,000 to 100,000 users. The new sample size of anonymous, second-by-second audience research data is 25 times the sample size of other, panel-base research sources. The larger sample size … Continue reading

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Get The TiVo, It’s Domino’s!

It seems Australian TiVo boxes aren’t the only ones to get pizza ordering. After I posted about that I’d had a few tips that it was also coming to US TiVo units as well, so I asked TiVo about it … Continue reading

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Foxtel Responds To TiVo In Australia

Well, it seems that Foxtel just may be worried about competition from TiVo in Australia. First their chief exec tried flinging FUD, and now they’re offering discounts. While TiVo is sold for a flat AUD$699 with no subscription fees, Foxtel … Continue reading

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Save 30% On Nero Move It

Nero Move it was announced in September at the same time as LiquidTV | TiVo PC. It is designed to make it easy to manage media files and move and sync them between mobile devices. These days many people have … Continue reading

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