A Quick Note About The Site Ads Today

I normally keep hot button issues like politics out of this blog, but I noticed that the Google AdSense ads today have been displaying banners for ProtectMarriage.com and their “Yes on 8″ position. I in no way endorse their position and I was disturbed and angered seeing these ads on my site. I realize that’s a risk in using open ad networks where I don’t pre-screen every ad, so I don’t blame Google.

I can’t express how much I disagree with the very notion of California Proposition 8. I regret that I haven’t moved to CA yet so I could be able to vote NO on 8. (I’ll be moving to CA (again) at some point now that my job is based there.)

I’ve added their domain to my ad filters, but that can take a few hours to take effect. I just hope that, if you live in CA, you’ll be voting NO on 8 tomorrow. But, in general, even if we don’t agree, I hope you’ll be voting tomorrow. (Yeah, presuming you live in the US, are eligible to vote, etc… pedants. ;-) )

Comments are off on this one since I really don’t feel like having a political discussion on this blog. I wouldn’t have mentioned it if not for the ads and not wanting anyone to think I wanted them on this site.

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