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UK TiVo Users Lose Suggestions

Long suffering UK TiVo users have taken another blow, their units have stopped offering TiVo Suggestions. The UK users have operated for years without the availability of new hardware or even any software updates. Their Series1 units still run software … Continue reading

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Seven Ready To Roll Out 500GB eSATA Drive And Expand Retail Presence

Smarthouse reports that Seven Network is ready to begin offering the 500GB eSATA add-on drive for the Australian TiVo. The description given in their report seems to imply that it may be more locked down than in the US: “The … Continue reading

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Nero LiquidTV | TiVo PC Site Live With Video Demo

The Nero LiquidTV site is now live, and it includes a little video demo of the product if you want to get a look at the features and UI. You can also check out all the features as well as … Continue reading

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Congratulations SpaceX!

Now that is how you make history. [September 28th, 2008] 23:31 GMT (7:31 pm EDT): Falcon 1 has made history as the first privately developed liquid fueled launch vehicle to achieve earth orbit! Congratulations SpaceX!

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Nero LiquidTV | TiVo PC

I’ve saved the best for last, not that Nero Move it and Nero 9 aren’t great products, but this is the one I’m most excited about – Nero LiquidTV | TiVo PC! LiquidTV | TiVo PC (henceforth just LiquidTV to … Continue reading

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