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TheWB.Com Pledges TiVoCast With Sorority Forever

A new channel has shown up on TiVoCast, TheWB.com. Right now it looks like there is just one program carried as part of the channel, Sorority Forever. Which describes itself as: Phi Chi Kappa is the hottest sorority on campus. … Continue reading

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This Weekend’s Amazon VOD Sale

Nothing two impressive this week from Amazon Video On Demand, though there are a number of free downloads that tie into the new fall TV season. There is a Romantic Movie Sale which is offering twelve movies for purchase, not … Continue reading

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The Only Real Replacement For A TiVo? Another TiVo

Recently ZDNet’s Ed Burnette lost a TiVo in a lightning storm. When that happened he decided to give Time Warner’s Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8340HDC DVR a try rather than having his old TiVo, which had lifetime but was not HD, … Continue reading

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TiVo Launches Australian YouTube Channel

Following up on the new ‘The Badoop Badoop Show‘ channel on YouTube, TiVo has also created a YouTube channel specifically for Australian TiVo users. (RSS feed.) Currently the channel has one video, a ‘Welcome to TiVo’ for Australian users. As … Continue reading

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Be The First To Find Out About TiVo’s DirecTV Progress

If you’re one of the people eagerly awaiting the fruits of TiVo’s recent reunion with DirecTV, or you’re just a curious sort, you can sign up at TiVo’s website to be notified via email of any updates. Via TiVo Blog.

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