Daily Archives: Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SlingPlayer 2.0 Released

Roughly seven weeks from the first public beta release and just over two weeks from the second public beta, Sling Media has released SlingPlayer for Windows 2.0. Go forth and download. Disclaimer: I’m employed by Sling Media.

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Surprise! Palm OS II And Windows Mobile 7 Delayed

I’m, shocked, SHOCKED I tell you! Well, OK, no, I’m not even mildly surprised. According to Register Hardware, Palm is delaying Palm OS II, aka Nova, again. Palm OS II was originally expected on phones in 2007, then delayed until … Continue reading

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ATSC Gets H.264, Not That We’ll See It Used Soon

I’ve been expecting this to happen at some point, but it slipped by without my noticing. The provision for future extension had always been in ATSC, but back on July 29th, the Advanced Television Systems Committee, stewards of the formation … Continue reading

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