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SpaceX Looks to Develop Reusable Launch Vehicles

SpaceX is nothing if not ambitious. They’ve always said that their long term intentions are to make their boosters, the Falcon 1 & Falcon 9, reusable. But they’ve never really detailed just how they intend to do so. I think … Continue reading

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Gizmodo Reviews the Toshiba Thrive

After Liliputing and Ars Technica gave the Thrive fairly favorable reviews it seemed like we had a trend going – but Gizmodo bucks that trend in their review, which is pretty harsh. It is clear the reviewer didn’t care for … Continue reading

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Pioneer’s 400GB Blu-ray Disc Exhibited

Back in July word came out that Pioneer had developed a 400GB optical disc based on Blu-ray. This ability to grow to high densities is one of the primary reasons Blu-ray was superior to HD DVD, IMHO. And the best … Continue reading

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TiVo Australia Revs Up Home Media Engine

The good news is it sounds like TiVo is finally embracing HME and encouraging developers, the bad news is this is TiVo Australia. As regular readers are likely aware, I’ve repeatedly expressed frustration with the way TiVo has handled HME … Continue reading

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Save 25% On Blu-ray Titles At DeepDiscount.com

Through November 23rd you can save an additional 25% off the already low prices on Blu-ray discs at DeepDiscount.com. Simply enter one of the below discount codes when you check out. From PS3 Fanboy by way of Gizmodo. The codes:

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