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The Excellent TiVo Commander Android App Pulled From Android Market Due To TiVo Takedown Request

While TiVo has long promised official Android apps they have yet to materialize. But Android users haven’t been left without a solution, thanks to the TiVo hacking community. One of the best apps available, at least for TiVo Premiere users, … Continue reading

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VM TiVo Net Remote Release for Virgin Media TiVos Running 15.2 – Works In US Too

One of the new features that is part of the 15.2 software update hitting Virgin Media TiVos in the UK is the Network Remote Control functionality that has been part of the US Series3 and later units for some time … Continue reading

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The TiVo Premiere Elite is in Customer Hands, TiVo Community Starts Analysis

The TiVo Premiere Elite is available for order from Amazon, BestBuy.com, and WeaKnees (and their Amazon store), but the fastest way to get it is still the old fashion way – brick & mortar. And they went on sale at … Continue reading

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Is TiVo Already Working on the Series5 – or should I say Series4S?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the iPhone joke in the title. More seriously, I’m sure TiVo is working on the next generation of product. The TiVo Premiere Elite ships Monday, or so it seems. But it takes months, even a year … Continue reading

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Details on TiVo’s Next Big OS Update Pieced Together

I love the community of TiVo users. It is filled with helpful folks and a number of very talented and curious geeks, which sometimes leads to interesting news. This time a thread over at the TiVo Community forums has begun … Continue reading

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