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More David Tennant For Virgin Media Collections, TiVo Doing Well In The UK

Another ad has been released for Virgin Media’s recently launched Collections service offerings, featuring David Tennant as their spokesperson. This one focuses on the high-speed broadband offerings, but all of the Collections feature TiVo as well. Things are going very … Continue reading

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David Tennant Catches Up With Virgin Media’s TiVo

Along with the launch of their new ‘Collections’, Virgin Media also adopted a new pitchman – David Tennant. They’d already released several videos, and now there’s another one. This one highlights the ‘Catch Up TV’ feature. I’d love to see … Continue reading

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First Flight Of The First F-35 Lightning II For The UK

The first F-35 Lightning II for the UK, an F-35B STOVL model, just made its first flight and Lockheed Martin released a video of the event: The UK originally planned to purchase the F-35B and they ordered two aircraft from … Continue reading

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Virgin Media Standardizes on TiVo in Collections, Hawks Them With David Tennant

Building on the runaway success of their TiVo deployment in the UK, Virgin Media has revamped their service ‘bundles’ into three new ‘Collections’, all of which feature TiVo as standard. At this point if you sign up for service with … Continue reading

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Virgin Media Posts More TiVo How To Videos

One of the nice things about Virgin Media’s deployment of TiVo in the UK is that they keep producing helpful videos for their users. I’d love to see TiVo in the US and/or their MSO partners doing something similar. I … Continue reading

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