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More Down Under DVR News

I post a lot about TiVo in Australia, but they’re not the only game in, or coming to, town. CNET Australia reports that Australia EPG provider IceTV plans to add a feature called ‘IceTV Recommendations’, which is similar to TiVo … Continue reading

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Control Your TiVo Over The Network

Wow, this is a big find. Last September TiVo and Crestron announced a partnership to enable Crestron home automation systems to control TiVo boxes over the home network. At the time I said: This is pretty cool. But it’d be … Continue reading

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TiVo’s Best TV Moms of All Time

TiVo comes up with these marketing gimmicks from time to time to help garner a little light-hearted press coverage – and it works, here I am posting it. This time around, in honor of Mother’s Day, TiVo commissioned a survey … Continue reading

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What Are TiVo And WindStream Up To?

Last November TiVo and broadband provider WindStream announced a partnership which sounded like just another cross-marketing deal. WindStream would resell TiVo to their broadband customers, with the angle of touting TiVo’s broadband features, such as Amazon Unbox. Seemed fairly basic. … Continue reading

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ARCHOS 605 WiFi PMP To Get GPS Too

Well, just the other day I reported on ARCHOS adding place-shifting to their 605 WiFi, 705WiFi, and TV+ systems with their ‘TVportation’ plug-in. And now comes news via TWICE that ARCHOS also intends to turn the 605 WiFi into an … Continue reading

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