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Profile Of TiVo’s Jim Denney Provides Hints

I came across a little capsule profile of Jim Denney, TiVo’s VP of product marketing, at TVWeek.com today. Fairly standard stuff really, and most of it is stuff we’ve seen before. But there were a couple of bits I found … Continue reading

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Sun Microsystems Launches BDLive.com

Sun Microsystems Tuesday announced a new website, BDLive.com, to assist developers in creating BD-Live content, which, of course uses Sun’s Java programming language. Sun established the website in cooperation with Related Content Database Inc., and as part of the site … Continue reading

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Criterion Turns Blu, And Paramount Resurrects Back Catalog

Great news for film buffs and Blu-ray fans alike, Criterion has announced their Blu-ray plans. Starting in October Criterion will be releasing Criterion Collection titles on Blu-ray. The high-def Blu-ray releases will have all of the bonus features of the … Continue reading

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Dave Zatz Expresses His Opinion Of (Now Defunct) Moviebeam

This is a short little video in which Dave Zatz displays his true feelings about hjs now worthless Moviebeam box: A little morning amusement.

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Comcast Spooks CableCARD Users In Florida

It isn’t just what you say, it is how you say it. And Comcast seems to be aiming for FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) with a recent statement to CableCARD users in Florida: Our records indicate that you have a … Continue reading

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