Profile Of TiVo’s Jim Denney Provides Hints

I came across a little capsule profile of Jim Denney, TiVo’s VP of product marketing, at today. Fairly standard stuff really, and most of it is stuff we’ve seen before. But there were a couple of bits I found interesting. First, he confirmed what I think most of us have figured out – that the TiVo HD is TiVo’s main product at this point.

This year, “TiVo HD has become our main stock-keeping unit in retail,” said Mr. Denney, who declined to disclose specific sales or a percentage of units sold.

Perhaps more interesting is an indication that HD content is finally coming to Amazon Unbox on TiVo:

Unbox, the content-downloading service TiVo started with Internet retail leader last year, can’t process HD content, though the companies will announce HD capabilities “in the not too distant future,” Mr. Denney said.

This has been eagerly anticipated since the release of the TiVo Series3. Over a year ago the lead engineer on Amazon Unbox indicated that they were working on 16:9 aspect ratios and HD content, but little has been said since then. So it is nice to see something from an official representative that indicates it is still in the works, even though everyone figured it must be just to keep pace with the market. Personally I suspect it will be tied up with the YouTube update which will enable MPEG-4/H.264 decoding. Using H.264 for HD content would greatly reduce the download sizes compared to trying to use MPEG-2.

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  • Bakk

    Wow, amazing news! Thank you Amazon and TiVo!!

  • xdreamwalker

    This is great news! I don’t mind the content not being transmitted in HD that much. What has always bugged me is that 16:9 content is letter boxed and pillared.

  • Gryphon

    the companies will announce HD capabilities “in the not too distant future”

    This feature available next Sunday, AD.

  • Bakk

    what is next sunday, AD, and Why do you say it will be available then Gryphon?

  • MegaZone

    It is a joke. The theme song for Mystery Science Theater 3000 contains the phrase “in the not too distant future, next Sunday, AD.”

  • JoeFitz

    Letterboxed and Pillared sucks… it’s a deal-breaker for me renting from amazon unboxed. It makes the picture a small postage stamp in my television, and there are no suitable zoom settings that I’ve found to hack this problem. HD is nice, but how about they fix the dead-space first?