ARCHOS 605 WiFi PMP To Get GPS Too

Well, just the other day I reported on ARCHOS adding place-shifting to their 605 WiFi, 705WiFi, and TV+ systems with their ‘TVportation’ plug-in. And now comes news via TWICE that ARCHOS also intends to turn the 605 WiFi into an automotive GPS navigation device.

They’ll accomplish this via the release of a car cradle which will hold the 605 against the windshield while incorporating the GPS antenna and receiver as well as TeleAtlas maps of the US and Canada, an RDS receiver for live traffic updates, and an FM transmitted to deliver turn-by-turn directions via the car’s speakers. (They can also come via the 605′s speaker.) It seems like ARCHOS is really trying to make their PMPs into all-purpose gadgets.

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  • MHA

    I would hope you could use the 605′s speaker. Tuning your car radio to listen to turn-by-turn directions sounds like overkill!

  • caden r

    when will it be release and for how much? i havnet seen it ANYWHERE. and is the car mount with the bendable neck the same thing? i mean does it give you GPS too?

  • Andrew S.

    Well at least if there is an FM Transmitter it could possibly eliminate the need for a separate one for audio playback. I have to admit that at least would be a plus for me.

  • MegaZone

    Mark: “They can also come via the 605’s speaker.”

    Caden: Check the article. $129 and shipping this month (May). But they don’t have photos or a detailed description so I don’t know if it is one of the flexible neck mounts or a fixed mount, etc. The ‘car mount’ is the cradle with the GPS receiver, etc.

    Andrew: Good point, I would hope they allow music playback via the transmitter.

    I wonder if they disable video playback when the GPS detects the car is in motion – personally I think that’s a good idea.

  • Gryphon

    But how would insufferably self-important executive types watch Mad Money while driving to the office then? You meddle in things you do not understand, sir. :)