TiVo’s Best TV Moms of All Time

TiVo comes up with these marketing gimmicks from time to time to help garner a little light-hearted press coverage – and it works, here I am posting it. :-) This time around, in honor of Mother’s Day, TiVo commissioned a survey to rank twenty TV moms from best to worst. And the list?

TiVo’s Top TV Moms
1. Clair Huxtable: The Cosby Show 58%
2. Marion Cunningham: Happy Days 37%
3. Carol Brady: Brady Bunch 37%
4. June Cleaver: Leave it to Beaver 34%
5. Marge Simpson: The Simpsons 33%
6. Wilma Flintstone: The Flintstones 29%
7. Vivian Banks: Fresh Prince of Bel Air 27%
8. Caroline Ingalls: Little House on the Prairie 27%
9. Maggie Seaver: Growing Pains 25%
10. Marie Barone: Everybody Loves Raymond 24%
11. Peggy Bundy: Married With Children 23%
12. Lois Griffin: Family Guy 21%
13. Mrs. Partridge: The Partridge Family 22%
14. Lorelai Gilmore: The Gilmore girls 20%
15. Roseanne: Roseanne 20%
16. Carmella Soprano: The Sopranos 14%
17. Bree Van de Kamp: Desperate Housewives 14%
18. Norma Arnold: The Wonder Years 13%
19. Estelle Costanza: Seinfeld 13%
20. Lucille Bluth: Arrested Development 6%

TiVo is also running special promotions on TiVo for mom.

See the complete press release for more.

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  • hemo_jr

    And Morticia Addams is what? Chopped liver?

  • http://www.eyrie-productions.com/ Gryphon

    Well, one of her children routinely tries to convert the other into chopped liver, which I submit is evidence that, at the very least, they need closer supervision than she’s providing. :)

    Disclaimer: I was always a little more of a Lily Munster fan anyway.