Palm Black Friday Specials

Palm seems to be using Black Friday to clear out some old stock, since they have just two specials, and both are on old PDA models and not smartphones.

Black Friday Special Offer – $50 off ($149 total) the Tungsten™ E2 handheld plus FREE hard case ($39.95 value). Offer valid 11/20/07 to 11/26/07.

Black Friday Special Offer – $100 off ($199 total) the Palm® T|X handheld plus FREE wireless keyboard ($69 value). Valid 11/20/07 to 11/26/07.

I do have to say that the T|X is a fine handheld, and if I were still using a straight PDA and not a smartphone, that is what I would own. One of my co-workers has one, and I’ve played with it. I think it is the best PDA Palm produced, but it appears to be the end of the line as they shifted focus to the Treo and Centro smarthphones. I’ve always been a fan of Palm, and I’ve used a Palm IIIx, Handspring Visor Deluxe, Sony Clie NZ-90, Palm Treo 650, and now a Palm Treo 680. But I have to say that I’m seriously eager to see what ships next year using the Google Android platform. That may be my next mobile platform.

Aside from the stock-clearing Black Friday specials, Palm also has general holiday specials on handhelds, smartphones, hands-free, stocking stuffers, and special offers.

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