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DirecTV Turns To NDS for Over the Top Video Tech

DirecTV has turned to NDS and their VideoGuard Connect DRM product for their over the top (OTT) content offering to subscribers. It sounds like this phase is for content delivered to set top boxes, as DirecTV said they’re not willing … Continue reading

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Roku’s New Boxes Highlight Where TiVo is Failing in OTT Content

I’m a big fan of TiVo, that’s no secret. I think that TiVo is the best DVR available today, and I don’t hesitate to recommend it. But don’t for a minute think that means I believe they’re perfect and don’t … Continue reading

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Blockbuster Looks To Profit From Netflix Backlash

In the backlash against Netflix’s price increase, Blockbuster sees an opportunity. Yes, Blockbuster, they’re still around. (Thanks to a recent buyout by Dish Network.) They’re offering disgruntled Netflix customers a one-month free trial, with the offer good through September 15, … Continue reading

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