Blockbuster Looks To Profit From Netflix Backlash

Blockbuster Logo In the backlash against Netflix’s price increase, Blockbuster sees an opportunity. Yes, Blockbuster, they’re still around. (Thanks to a recent buyout by Dish Network.) They’re offering disgruntled Netflix customers a one-month free trial, with the offer good through September 15, 2011 at participating stores and their website. The offer is good on their one- and two-disc-at-a-time plans.

After the trial Blockbuster will offer the one-disc plan for $9.99/month and the two-disc plan for $14.99/month. While Netflix’s one-disc plan is $7.99/month, Blockbuster claims some advantages. Their deals with the studios gives them new release titles up to 28-days before Netflix and other services. And, for those who still have a Blockbuster brick-and-mortar store nearby, they offer in-store exchanges of their by-mail DVDs. So you can return your rent-by-mail DVD and walk out with a new movie, for no additional charge.

If you want to take advantage of these offers you can do so online or bring the tear-off from a Netflix mailer to a participating Blockbuster store.


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