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Best Buy TiVo-powered HDTVs Launch July 31st

During this site’s hiatus, back in July, 2009, TiVo and Best Buy announced a strategic alliance. Building on that, in May, 2010, TiVo and Insignia (one of Best Buy’s house brands), announced that they would be developing connected HDTVs using … Continue reading

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The Latest Hak5 HakTip Runs Down Cellular Data Standards

Today seems to be turning into video day. The latest Hak5 HakTip covers one of my pet peeves – cellular data standard nomenclature, and the way marketing speak plays fast and loose with the standards. A prime example – T-Mobile’s … Continue reading

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Liliputing Gets a First Look at the Toshiba Thrive

Since the Toshiba Thrive is one of the Android tablets I’ve been considering picking up for my own use, I was very interested in what Brad Linder over at Liliputing had to say about the review model he got his … Continue reading

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Happy Friday

Hitler Reacts to Netflix Increase In Pricing Warning: The subtitles may not be safe for work. If you’re not familiar with the “Hitler reacts to…” meme. Uh, welcome to the Internet? You must be new here.

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