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Alpha and Omega

Father and Son: STS-1 and STS-135, a photo by arockalypse on Flickr. I admit this is only tangentially gizmo related, though the Space Shuttle is one hell of a gizmo. But this was just too good not to share, and … Continue reading

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USB CableCARD Tuners Readying For Launch

Maybe it is due to the new FCC CableCARD & Tuning Adapter rules going into effect August 1st, but it seems like vendors are lining up their USB CableCARD tuner products for launch in the near future. MissingRemote reports that … Continue reading

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A Sign of the Times? A Spam Filter for Phone Calls

I’m a pretty dedicated Google user. I switched to Google as my main search engine not long after they first launched (from Lycos, which I’d used since it launched (and the mascot was a Wolf Spider, family Lycosidae, hence the … Continue reading

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The Rise and Fall of RIM – An Interesting Look Inside

RIM was the dominant force in mobile devices for corporate users, and an early leader in smartphones in general – until iPhone and Android started eating their lunch… and breakfast… and dinner… and snacks… you get the picture. RIM has … Continue reading

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