Liliputing Gets a First Look at the Toshiba Thrive

Toshiba Thrive Since the Toshiba Thrive is one of the Android tablets I’ve been considering picking up for my own use, I was very interested in what Brad Linder over at Liliputing had to say about the review model he got his hands on. His full review is still pending, this is just the first look, but based on what he has to say, and what he shows us in the video, I think this looks like a good tablet. I still haven’t decided between this and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer though.

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  • Fanfoot

    Meh.  Too heavy for me.  Course I still think the iPad 2 needs to lose some weight so something over 1.6 lbs isn’t going to work for me.  I also wonder if all those ‘full size ports’ actually work given the issues we’ve seen with the Samsung tablets and their non-working SD card slots etc.

    • MegaZone

      Weight is one of those issues that matters more to some than to others. I don’t think it is as big a deal – but I’m a pretty big guy, I’m 6’6″ and broadly built – and frankly need to drop some weight myself. So a few ounces either way isn’t something I’ll notice that much if I’m carrying it around. But it is a tradeoff – the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a hair thinner & lighter than the iPad 2 – but it also lacks any memory expansion or additional ports. To make something super thin and light you have to sacrifice hardware – and often battery life as reducing the size of the battery is a quick way to drop weight.

      Batteries are the main limiting factor on the size & weight of tech. There’s a direct correlation between improvements in battery technology and lighter gadgets. Unless we finally get the long-promised mobile fuel cells or the like, we’ll be stuck with batteries for the foreseeable future.

      As for the ports working – tablets have been receiving Android 3.1, or even 3.2 now, which has been enabling (micro)SD slots on tablets like the Motorola Xoom. Android 3.0 lacked SD support.

      Based on these Thrive reviews (I just posted another one from Ars Technica too) the ports & slots on the Thrive are all working. You can use a number of different USB devices on the full-size port, including keyboards, mice, and game controllers. Just plug them in and go.

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