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TiVo’s Cable Show Booth Unveils Two New Content Partners

It pays to observe carefully, you never know what you might spot. Like this photo that I snapped of something I noticed in TiVo’s booth at The Cable Show 2012 today. It is the kind of thing your eyes might … Continue reading

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The Latest NCTA Quarterly CableCARD Report Hits The FCC

At the end of January the NCTA filed their latest CableCARD report with the FCC; but before you dive in, on Friday Comcast filed a correction with the FCC fixing their reported numbers. The numbers reported are as of December … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to Cox & Comcast OnDemand Support on Retail TiVos?

I see these questions pop up repeatedly on pretty much every TiVo-related forum around the net. Where is the promised OnDemand support for retail TiVos? Short answer: It’s coming. I’ll tackle the second one first, Comcast. For this one I … Continue reading

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The NCTA Makes Quarterly CableCARD Report to the FCC

The NCTA has filed their latest quarterly report on CableCARD Deployment and Support with the FCC. According to the report, Cablevision, Charter Communications, Comcast Corporation, Cox Communications, and Time Warner Cable have together deployed over 548,000 CableCARDs for use in … Continue reading

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FCC CableCARD Self-Install Rules Are In Effect

So, the new FCC rules for CableCARD, tuning adapters, et al., took effect on Monday. So, where do the cable MSOs fall? Comcast: Checking their website it doesn’t look like anything has changed since last week. There are still FAQs … Continue reading

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