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A Quick Tour Of The Cable Show

As you know if you’ve been reading my recent posts, this week I attended The Cable Show 2012 in Boston. This was my first Cable Show, but I’m hoping it won’t be my last. Though they probably won’t make it … Continue reading

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The Latest NCTA Quarterly CableCARD Report Hits The FCC

At the end of January the NCTA filed their latest CableCARD report with the FCC; but before you dive in, on Friday Comcast filed a correction with the FCC fixing their reported numbers. The numbers reported are as of December … Continue reading

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Gizmo Lovers At The Cable Show 2012

I may not have been able to make it to CES this year, but I’m tentatively planning to cover The Cable Show in May. (Tentative currently since I’ll need to work out the time off with my day job, but … Continue reading

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The NCTA Makes Quarterly CableCARD Report to the FCC

The NCTA has filed their latest quarterly report on CableCARD Deployment and Support with the FCC. According to the report, Cablevision, Charter Communications, Comcast Corporation, Cox Communications, and Time Warner Cable have together deployed over 548,000 CableCARDs for use in … Continue reading

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Collection of Groups Urges FCC to Pursue AllVid

A slew of consumer electronics and consumer advocacy groups seem to have taken issue with a recent NCTA filing with the FCC, in which they argued against AllVid and for allowing the cable industry to basically do as they pleased. … Continue reading

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