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Advertising – Art Or Science?

Adweek has an article on the advertising industry debate over whether advertising is an art or a science. And, unsurprisingly, TiVo gets roped into the discussion as the best know market disrupter today. “How do you make a TiVo-proof commercial? … Continue reading

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Comcast Officially Launches TiVo Service

Well, it looks like the USA Today article I spotted last night was just the first to cover the official launch. Today Comcast and TiVo put out a press release announcing the official launch of the TiVo software on Comcast … Continue reading

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High-Def Format War Of Words

Adweek has an interesting article on the high-stakes war of words being waged between the Blu-ray and HD DVD camps. Both sides are stepping up their marketing efforts, and increasing their marketing spend, to win more converts to their formats. … Continue reading

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