Is Charter Losing Their Moxi?

Despite the recent announcement the Digeo Moxi 3012 HD DVR has been picked up by BendBroadband in Oregon, the overall signs have not been good. The 3012 missed it’s 3Q08 shipping target with Charter Communications, and now it sounds like it may never be deployed. Indeed, Charter may eventually phase out all Moxi systems entirely, according to this post in AVS Forum by a Charter employee:

1) Death of the Moxi
This one’s just as much a rumor as the Launch of the BMC 3012
However here we are, with systems announcing year end lock downs etc and still no official hint of the 3012. As such I’m pretty much guessing it’s never left internal beta in St. Louis. Furthermore comments made from management recently here (SC/NC/VA group) indicate Moxi *WILL* be eventually phased out.

However at the same time, apparently we are apparently getting BMC9012s THROWN at us as no other MSO appears to be taking them. So for now the BMC9012 is alive and strong… I don’t forsee them closing up shop in markets with Moxi for quite a while (given we can’t get enough 6416s in to meet demand).

That being said, my “insider’s guess” at what’s going to happen next -
I predict no NEW MSO based Moxi boxes, but I also predict that Moxi will remain availible for at least 2 more years.

Hopefully DIGEO will get on the ball with the CableCard enabled boxes for retail, because from what I’ve seen, it seems like Charter was the last major MSO to hang on…

Thanks to Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny for the tip off.

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