It Is 4Q08, Do You Know Where Your Moxi Is?

Or anyone’s Moxi? I specifically mean the Digeo Moxi 3012 which was supposed to be be distributed to consumers by Charter by the end of 3Q08. Here we are in the fourth quarter and as best I can determine Charter is not yet shipping the Moxi 3012 to consumers and no further announcement has been made. At best it seems it may be in the hands of a handful of Charter employees. Anyone out there have one of these mythical beasts yet? Someone who doesn’t work for Digeo or Charter? For a company so fond of announcements and releases I can’t believe they started shipping without telling anyone about it.

(No, I didn’t really expect them to ship, but I was kind of hoping they would because I’d like to see them deliver on a promise someday. And yes, I was feeling snarky.)

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  • Dave Zatz

    People in glass houses and all that… wasn’t SlingCatcher support to come out last summer? ;) But no, I’m not surprised if new Moxi boxes aren’t being deployed yet.

  • MegaZone

    Sure, I know Digeo isn’t the only one, but it is the norm with them now. Besides, I only joined Sling in April as a contractor, and Monday as a full employee. ;-) But now that you mention it, Sling first announced the SlingCatcher at CES 2007, Digeo started talking about new DVRs in late 2006. The SlingCatcher is about to ship, the DVRs? ;-)

    I think Digeo just especially bugs me for some reason, I think I’m still a little annoyed by the stunt at this year’s CES – flogging dead products walking. Just stop announcing things until you have a shipping product.