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Panasonic Tru2Way TVs Approved By CableLabs

CableLabs has certified two tru2way-enabled CableCARD HDTVs from Panasonic, paving the way for them to be available to consumers this holiday season. The two models sport 42″ and 50″ HD displays. This is an important turn around from June, when … Continue reading

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Netflix Sees Starz

Netflix has done a deal with Starz Entertainment, immediately adding 1,000 titles to Netflix’s streaming service, with 1,500 more to follow in the coming weeks. Following on Netflix’s deals with Disney and CBS to stream current and back episodes of … Continue reading

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Farewell Matsushita, Hello Panasonic

As announced back in January, today marks the end of Matsushita. The giant Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd today changed its name to Panasonic Corporation, the retail brand for which they are best known. Established in 1918 as the Matsushita … Continue reading

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The TiVo Gods Hate Me

I normally don’t post personal stuff on this blog, but I just had to share this. I just turned on my TiVo Series3. I watched a TiVoCast program and it was fine. Then I went to play another and it … Continue reading

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