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Don’t you wish all the new season premieres would just magically appear on your list of recordings the second they air? Done! TiVo is making sure the best of the new fall season breezes right into your living room via our brand-new, better-than-ever “Guru Guide” covering the networks’ new pilots, making it as easy as “Get this Guide” to schedule automatic recordings of the networks’ new lineups. (Try that with a cable DVR!)

TiVo Fall TV Guru Guide!If you’re broadband-connected, you’ll find TiVo Guru Guides on a TiVo box near you (under Find Programs & Downloads > KidZone Recommendations & Guru Guides). If not, we’ve queued them up for your online-scheduling pleasure so everyone wins! Just remember, if you’re connected to the TiVo service via phone, not broadband, it may take up to 24 hours to schedule a recording online.

To the whispers on Wisteria Lane,

P.S. – If you need an excuse to upgrade, don’t forget: with TiVo HD, you can now watch any YouTube video on the best screen in the house—your TV! Let me show you! Read more below for an extra large way to enjoy TiVo.

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TiVo Tip

Amazon Video On Demand™ on TiVo

Free Pilots

Pause-worthy Entertainment News

Video Downloads

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Introducing TiVo HD XL - 7X MORE recording capacity!

Introducing TiVo HD XL… 7X more recording capacity!

With all that Fall TV recording to do—and more shows than ever in glorious HD—now might be the time to treat yourself to our newest DVR, the TiVo HD XL.

With 150 hours of HD storage, it has 7X more recording capacity than TiVo HD, making it the largest capacity DVR available in the country. It’s also THX certified, which no competitive DVR can boast. And just like the rest of our HD DVR family, you get music, movies, and YouTube videos with a few clicks of your remote!

Sign in to your account for special service pricing.

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TiVo Tip: You’ve Got Options

As you start scheduling Season Pass™ recordings for all the new fall shows, don’t forget, you’ve got options. Instead of just selecting “Get a Season Pass,” and calling it a year, highlight “Options” and review the default settings. For example:

Who needs repeats?  Opt to select “First run only” and save yourself from the inevitable disappointment of running home to watch your new favorite show only to discover it’s a re-run!

Too much of a good thing.  If you’re recording the nightly news, “Keep at most” comes in handy. You only need 1. After that, even good news is old news.

Play it Safe!  Say you love those premium channel programs, but not how they ignore the hour and half-hour marks, keeping you from watching all of “next week’s previews.” Play it safe and pad the recording. Adjust the “Stop recording” option to be at least five minutes past the scheduled time so you’ll never be left hanging again.

Learn more about Season Pass recordings.

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Amazon Video On Demand on TiVo
21™ Now Available
for Rental!


Rent or buy movies without ever leaving
your couch!

Thousands of top movies and TV shows to download directly to the Now Playing List on your TiVo DVR from Amazon Video On Demand™.

Learn how to try it yourself.

The Bank Job
Stargate Continuum
Definitely, Maybe
My Mom's New Boyfriend

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Watch FREE Fall Episodes now with Amazon Video On Demand™!

Lipstick Jungle, Knight Rider, Chuck, Life, Kath & Kim and others are some of the new shows this fall, and Amazon Video On Demand™ on TiVo has them before they air on TV (first episode of series only) — for FREE!

You can choose to download selected new pilots or premieres and have them sent straight to your TiVo Now Playing List!

From TiVo Central > Find Programs & Downloads > Download TV, Movies, & Web Video > Amazon Video On Demand > Top Categories & Special Deals > Free Fall
TV: Pre-broadcast and more!

To get these free shows make sure your TiVo DVR is broadband-connected and that you have linked your account.

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Pause-worthy Entertainment News Bytes

Friends Return:  Jennifer Aniston is currently filming a guest appearance on NBC’s “30 Rock,” reports Associated Press. There were no immediate details on the role Aniston will play — as herself or a fictitious character — or the episode’s planned air date. (David Schwimmer had his guest shot last season.)

TiVo Tip: Find Programs & Downloads > WishList search > Create a WishList™ search > Actor > ANISTON, JENNIFER and you’ll find your favorite friend waiting the minute she arrives. Don’t forget to set the WishList search to auto-record.

Imagine:   The story of John Lennon is headed for the big screen with “Nowhere Boy,” which will focus on the former Beatle’s troubled adolescence. Matt Greenhalgh’s script details the story of Lennon as a lonely teenager abandoned by his mother and raised by his authoritarian aunt. His only escape is music, art and his fateful friendship with Paul McCartney.

TiVo Tip: Music, Photos, Products, & More > Rhapsody > Search by Artist > JOHN LENNON and play all 173 available tracks, from Give Peace a Chance to Whatever Gets You Thru the Night. Try Rhapsody on TiVo FREE for 30 days.

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New Video Downloads

Check out the newest video downloads just a few remote clicks away!

city by cityCity by City, a travel show with a twist, is your virtual little black book for the swankiest cities across Europe.
Chicago Tribune's The Watcher on TiVoChicago Tribune’s The Watcher on TiVo — Chicago Tribune Television Critic Maureen Ryan gives you the latest news about TV. Get her recommendations on your TiVo DVR through Guru Guides and Video Downloads.
HowcastHowcast — Cool how-to videos and guides from cutting-edge filmmakers, savvy experts—and you!

Note: You must be broadband-connected to receive Video Downloads.

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