This Weekend’s Amazon Unbox Sale

This time around Amazon Unbox has three deals on offer. First we once again have Summer Classics to rent for $0.99: The Passenger, Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Special Edition), Hawaii, The Way We Were, Bananas, and Rocky.

They’re also offering $1 off three films: The Onion Movie for $2.99, Batman Begins for $1.99, and 27 Dresses for $2.99.

And, finally, we have a Summer Movie Sale. 14 films to purchase, not rent, for $5.99 each: Snatch, Layer Cake, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, XXX, The Glass House, The Big Hit, Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle, The Devil’s Own, Donnie Brasco, The Quick and the Dead, Stealth, Desperate Measures, Cliffhanger, and Still Crazy.

And as a special deal, you can buy both Charlie’s Angels and Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle for a combined price of only $10.99 – you buy Charlie’s Angels for $9.99, and then receive a code to purchase Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle for just $1. Details here.

As a side note, I thought I’d mention that The Ultimate Matrix Collection on Blu-ray is now available for pre-order. That’s a seven disc set – five BDs (The three live-action movies, The Animatrix, and ‘The Matrix Experience’) and two DVDs of bonus material. All for $90.95.

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