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TiVoRemote For Jail-Broken iPhones

Remember a couple of months ago when the telnet interface to control HD TiVos was uncovered? As expected, the user development community has been hard at work producing tools to take advantage of this capability. And one of the most … Continue reading

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Straight Talk On CableCARD And tru2way

The CableTechTalk blog has a very nice post up today about CableCARD and tru2way. While the blog is run by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA), and the post in question was written by Paul Rodriguez, Director of Online … Continue reading

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TiVo-Sponsored Smart Television Alliance Launches ‘OutSmart The Summer Spike!’ Campaign

The TiVo-sponsored group Smart Television Alliance has launched a campaign to educate parents about the increase in children’s television viewing during the summer months. They claim that it increases 150%. They describe the campaign as “a call to action for … Continue reading

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MediaPost’s TV Board On Why A Cable DVR Is Not A TiVo

I got a kick out of this post in MediaPost’s TV Board blog. A friend of the post’s author called Comcast about their digital phone service and got a pitch for a DVR. I loved the summary of the conversation: … Continue reading

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The 10×10 Movie List you don’t want to miss

TiVo’s latest newsletter:

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