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Popular Mechanics Explains HDTV Compression And Picture Quality

They explain, in simple terms, why all HDTV is not the same. While the only qualification necessary to be considered ‘high-definition’ is a resolution of 720p, 1080i, or 1080p, the standards don’t say anything about the level of compression. So … Continue reading

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TiVoCast Adds The Watcher On TiVo – And I Finally Get 9.4

No, that isn’t a redundant subject line, the full name of the new TiVoCast channel is ‘The Watcher On TiVo’. The Watcher On TiVo carries videos from Chicago Tribune TV Critic Maureen Ryan, and would seem to be the content … Continue reading

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Zombie HD DVD Prepares To Fail In China As CBHD

While Toshiba officially called HD DVD dead back in February, the technology has lingered on in China. Before the end of the format war, Toshiba had begun working on ‘CH-DVD’, a special version of HD DVD for the domestic Chinese … Continue reading

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Amazon Blu-ray Sale, 40% Off 72 Disney Titles

Amazon is running another Blu-ray sale, this time it is 40% off 72 different Disney titles (actually 43% off a couple). Picked up from the Blu-ray Stats News Log.

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