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If you’ve noticed a lot more smiling on the Internet lately, here’s why:

It’s a new tivo.com! While the address stayed the same, you’ll notice a dramatically different place! The brand-new and super-improved tivo.com is chock-full of useful how-tos for people wanting to learn more about the DVR service that Business Week recently said “steals the show.”* Make yourself at home and let us know what you think…


We’ve been oh-so-social. If you’ve been doing that social networking thing on Facebook, please join our growing community on the TiVo Fan Page and add our addictive “MyTV” app to your profile. Look for my virtual self there and let’s make our TiVo friendship official.


P.S. Don’t forget: Mother’s Day is May 11th. Consider gifting her with a “lifetime” of her favorite shows since she gave you, you know… life itself. Check out this TiVo Mother’s Day special.

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TiVo Tip

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Amazon Unbox on TiVo

TiVo Fan Mail

Simply the best gift for Mom. A 'Lifetime' of HD

Need Help?
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TiVo Tip: Do it His Way

He was wild, cool, and swingin’, too. Don’t miss this opportunity to pack your Now Playing List with the man himself, Frank Sinatra. This May, Turner Classic Movies presents “Frank Sinatra, The Man and His Movies,” in over 40 films and rarely-seen music specials, airing every Sunday and Wednesday night, including High Society, Oceans 11, The Manchurian Candidate, Guys and Dolls, and much more.

From TiVo Central > Find Programs > Create a WishList search > then…: Highlight Actor and enter, SINATRA, FRANK. Choose to either “View upcoming episodes” and schedule recordings for the next 14 days, or set it to auto-record every match from here to…. well, Eternity.

You can even schedule it online from TiVo Central on tivo.com… just search for Sinatra. (Programming is subject to availability in your

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amazonUnbox on TiVo
I Am Legend™
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I Am Legend

Rent or buy movies without ever leaving
your couch!

There are 1000s of top movies and TV shows to download directly to the Now Playing List on your TiVo DVR from the Amazon Unbox Video Download Store.

Learn how to try it yourself.

I Am Legend
Love in the Time of Cholera
30 Days of Night
American Gangster
Stargate: The Ark of Truth

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TiVo Fan Mail: “T” is for TiVo!

JessicaMy oldest daughter, Jessica, has learned how to use the “peanut” for more then just pausing the TV when she needs to go potty. Ever since I hooked up the TiVo, she has been asking me letter questions all the time: “What does ‘Super Why’ start with?” or, “‘Word World’ starts with ‘W,’ right?”

Thanks to TiVo, my daughter now knows what letters her favorite shows begin with, and she can now work the TiVo to find them all by herself! I was putting her sister to bed the other night and left ‘Elmo’s World’ on for her. When I came back to get her ready for bed, to my amazement I noticed that she was now watching ‘Little Einsteins.’

TiVo isn’t just keeping my girls safe from watching bad shows (big thanks to TiVo KidZone): It is now helping my daughter to learn her letters so that she can watch her shows without any help, and that gave her a sense of pride and accomplishment. I don’t think she would be on such a mission to learn the alphabet without TiVo.

John K.
Warrington, PA

No, we don’t make this stuff up. You send us a story or photo of your favorite TiVo moment and we make a RECORD of it – from TiVo birthday cakes to TiVo tattoos to TiVo what-have-you.

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