Sling Media Releases SlingPlayer Mobile Updates

HTC Hermes100 RUnning SlingPlayer Mobile

Sling Media today released SlingPlayer Mobile updates for Windows Mobile Smartphone, Windows Mobile Professional/PPC, and Symbian S60. There new versions are 1.6, 1.6, and 1.01, respectively. While not updated, the Palm OS client is still available as well. US versions of the clients are available here, and UK/International versions are available here. The new versions are a free upgrade for existing register users, or a USD$29.99 purchase for new users. You can try the client for 30 days before purchasing to make sure you’re satisfied before purchasing. Of course, you’ll need a Slingbox for the client to connect to as well.

The new releases add support for additional phones such as the Treo 500v, Nokia N95 8GB, Samsung i760, and Nokia N82, as well as improved video streaming on select phones such as the Sprint/HTC Mogul. Additional changes include support for additional set-top boxes, additional channel logos, and various ‘under the hood’ tweaks.

Symbian UIQ and Blackberry clients are still planned for later this year.

Disclaimer: I am currently employed by Sling Media, and I took over as the beta manager for these three beta programs on April 7th. If you’re interested in beta testing register and be sure to keep your profile updated, especially the ‘Test Platforms’ section.

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  • Scarymike

    This is slightly off topic, bud do you know if you can sling to an Iphone? I’m seriously considering getting an iphone when the next gen hits, and I’d love to be able to watch my slingbox on it.


  • Bakk

    you cant sling to an iphone because you cant install an app on the iphone.

  • MegaZone

    Scarymike – Not at this time, but we’re evaluating the iPhone SDK and we do want to support SlingPlayer Mobile on the iPhone if it is technically possible.

    Right now SlingPlayer mobile is available for Palm OS, Windows Mobile Smartphone, Windows Mobile Professional/PPC, and Symbian Series60. The next two platforms will be Symbian UIQ and Blackberry.

  • Patrick


    mReplay will be releasing mReplay Mobi this week. Mobi is the only mobile application that you can watch, control and *record* your Slingbox all from your mobile device (phone or PDA). With Mobi, videos are saved on your mobile device, where you can watch, edit and share them in a snap. mReplay Mobi is a free application.