TiVo Desktop 2.6.1 Released

TiVo Desktop 2.6.1 has been released – and anyone running 2.6 will want to grab it. TiVoPony announced the release on TiVoCommunity:

It has improved recovery from interrupted transfers between the PC and DVR, but it also provides an updated Windows Certificate for TiVo Desktop. The certificate used in prior versions of TiVo Desktop is about to expire, so you’ll want to get 2.6.1. Without this certificate update it will not be possible to manually transfer programs from your PC to your TiVo DVR (all other Desktop functionality should continue to work fine however).

I’m glad to hear about the improved recovery, because this has been a major issue for me with TiVo Desktop 2.6 and it was one of the major issues I had with 2.6 while writing my review (which I will finish and post soon, I promise!). Hopefully 2.6.1 will eliminate at least this one issue.

You can download TiVo Desktop 2.6.1 here.

Now, if you’re running an older version of TiVo Desktop and you can’t, or won’t, upgrade to 2.6.1, you still need to update the certificate. There is a certificate updater under the first step on this page.

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  • Dr Jason Scott Barron

    I have two (2) TiVo machines. The first is one that came out when you could only record one (1) channel at a time. I have also connected the new TiVo where you can record two (2) channels at a time. I have two computers and both have version 2.6.1 on them for TiVo. When I go to my TV sets I can see the one computer (the older of the two) but I can not get my other comuter to show. Also it takes upwards of 90 minutes to get TiVo Desktop to start on the new computer. I gave uninstalled 2.6.1 and went back to version 2.4 and worked my way up. I can not get my computer to be seen. Can anyone give me any ideas to get this issue corrected? Thank You for your help.

    Jasson (drbarron@gmail.com)

  • http://www.gizmolovers.com/ MegaZone

    It could be a firewall on the new PC preventing the TiVo from being able to make the inbound connection to TiVo Desktop. And the 90 minute start is VERY strange, it sounds like something is blocking the start – don’t know if a firewall preventing it from binding to a port would cause such a delay.