30 Second Skip Back Door For Comcast TiVo Found

One of the downsides to the TiVo OCAP software being deployed by Comcast has been the lack of 30-second skip functionality. Standalone TiVos have the SPS30S back door, while the non-TiVo Comcast Motorola units also had a back door to enable skipping. But neither code worked with the TiVo OCAP software, and users were reduced to using fast forward.

Until now, that is. User ‘Chunky Monkey’ at AVS Forum posted the TiVo OCAP back door code:

Go to TiVo Recordings list and play back a recording.

Enter the following key sequence on the remote control:
Fast Forward

(The Advance key (aka skip-to-tick key) is the key that looks like ( ->| ) .)

The user will hear a chime sound to indicate that the 30-sec skip backdoor has been successfully enabled. The user can enter the same key sequence again to turn off the 30-sec skip backdoor.

Considering the obtuse nature of this code, and the fact that this is Chunky Monkey’s first, and so far only, post to AVS Forum, I suspect this is an insider leak. But, in any case, it is most welcome.

Chunky Monkey, whomever you are, I’m sure you have the gratitude of many Comcast TiVo users.

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