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Palm Releases A Pink Palm Centro Smartphone

Apparently as a tie-in to the new film 27 Dresses, which I’ve been paying absolutely no attention to and have no intention of seeing, and as a Valentine’s Day gift concept, Palm is releasing a pink Palm Centro Smartphone. The … Continue reading

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MZ’s Crazy Shower Idea For SlingCatcher

OK, so I was in the shower this morning getting ready for work, after a vigorous round of snow blowing – my welcome home present from New England, thanks – and I was thinking. Specifically I was thinking about the … Continue reading

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Best Buy Mini-Blu-ray Sale, Pick Two Of Six Titles For $30

It doesn’t begin to compare to Amazon’s massive sale on 229 Blu-ray titles, but Best Buy is having a little sale of their own. Now through 1/19 pick and two of the following titles for $30: Stargate, Stir of Echoes, … Continue reading

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Brave Or Pitiful? Toshiba Fights On With HD DVD

Personally this just seems sad to me in light of all the recent news. I think the decent thing for Toshiba to do is to admit defeat, join the BDA, and get on with devoting their not inconsiderable engineering talents … Continue reading

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More From TiVo At CES

The best laid plans of mice and men… After visiting TiVo on Monday, the first day of the show, I’d planned to stop back in on Tuesday – but I didn’t make it. Thursday I was committed to visiting the … Continue reading

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