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Component Input HD DVRs Are Here

It has been lamented by many over the past few years that there are no HD DVRs available which can record from external HD inputs. Most models, such as cable and satellite DVRs, and even HD TiVo, record the digital … Continue reading

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Michael Bay Spouts Off In Favor Of Blu-ray, Again

This isn’t the first time he’s done it, but it is the longest and most coherent statement he’s made: Well another studio down. Maybe I was right? Blu ray is just better. HD will die a slow death. It’s what … Continue reading

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New Line Cinema Follows Warner Into The Blu

Following their Blu-ray exclusivity announcement they later clarified that their announcement did not cover titles from New Line, HBO, or the BBC, and that they would be making their own decisions and announcements. Well, it didn’t take long, Variety is … Continue reading

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This Weekend’s Amazon Unbox Sale

This weekend Amazon Unbox has Mr. Bean’s Holiday and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry for $1.99, Rescue Dawn and Mr. Brooks for $2.49 and Shoot ‘Em Up and Waitress for $2.99. Sorry for the delay in posting – … Continue reading

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