Updates Coming For Comcast TiVo

A Comcast rep posted to AVS Forum last week with some more information about the current Comcast TiVo roll out in the Boston area. Issues experienced by the current users were addressed:

There will be a software release rolling out to the field in the next several weeks that will address many of the issues reported. For example, Dolby Digital output will work correctly on DCH set-top boxes. And the HD filter option in the Guide will perform much more responsively, and provide the correct chronological sort (rather than alphabetical).

Beyond this near-term release, Comcast and TiVo have a roadmap for additional software releases that will continue to improve the polish and performance of the product, as well as add some compelling new features.

They also stated that Comcast is working on the installation process to make it smoother in the future. This is their first experience with ‘flipping’ a STB to a new software platform and activating the cable modem built into the STB, so they’re learning as they go as well.

In case there are doubts, TiVoPony confirmed it is a real Comcast rep posting.

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  • Glenn


    Hey, it only took them three years to get it out there, you wouldn’t expect it to be
    polished or anything…

    Good to see they are updating their software I guess. Hopefully it will improve over time, and with the competition they’re seeing from the Telcos and Satellite I would hope that they would eventually enable the features that are currently not on the box, like photos, music, home movies, even if multiroom, TTG and Unbox aren’t coming any time soon. Personally I couldn’t live without multiroom and TTG, but I assume multiroom won’t happen without a hardware change to support MoCA, which I don’t think these old Mot STBs have… And I don’t think TTG is coming as long as Comcast needs the media companies to like them…