The Sonic Trial is available

The free Sonic Trial to burn TiVoToGo transfers is out.

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  • matte

    Their server must be getting pounded….i can signup for the download no problem, but it only actually downloads 5mb of the 276mb before dropping the connection. Guess I will just have to try again tomorrow.

  • jetblack

    speaking of TTG, what was the turnaround for getting the service upgrade to use it?

    – ZC

  • glenn66

    Many people who have never really burned DVDs before are being shocked at the “Encoding time” required (which is really typical) Those with slow CPUs (under 1GHz) will not be happy…

    See for some experiences with the product.

  • abstrakone

    How sad, I can almost get the burning software before i even get the TTG update!

  • megazone

    Yeah, I’ve seen that. It is really a shame – that’s just life. It isn’t TiVo’s problem, and I think the people saying TiVo needs to find a way to make this quick and easy are being dumb. Sure, they could change their systems to record everything in DVD compliant MPEG2 – which the DVD-RW units do – but that also severely drops recording time for higher quality levels. And it won’t help when they go to CableCARD for digital cable, you’d still need to re-encode that signal. And you’ll need to do it for DirecTV too, if they ever pick up TTG.