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Studios announce HD DVD movie release lists

While games publisher Vivendi Universal was touting its support for the Blu-ray Disc format yesterday, the movie business in which it owns a 20 per cent stake, Universal Studios, was announcing plans to release 16 HD DVD titles in the … Continue reading

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Game firms back Blu-ray

Two major games publishers yesterday lent their support to the Blu-ray Disc format, along with a number of lesser players, as the other companies behind the medium began in earnest their efforts to talk-up the technology ahead of its debut … Continue reading

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Mike Ramsay’s CES talk

I was going to attend in person, but I seem to have picked up a cold, so I’m listening to the web cast from my hotel room instead. Probably easier to take notes this way anyway. TiVo added nearly 2 … Continue reading

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Introducing TiVo Third Party Developer Tools For Television.

This is a handout I grabbed at the TiVo booth. I’m not feeling great, so I’m just going to type this in fast and not try to format it nicely… The info is the interesting part anyway.

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Humax USA’s 2004 Success Spurs Expanded 2005 Product Line-Up

Since I can’t find this online, I’ll type it in – forgive any typos…

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