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JVC previews Blu-ray DVD combo

A new Blu-ray and DVD hybrid disc could bring some relief to consumers weary of the format war, but will it be enough for the increasingly fractured market? Another article that appeared today. Something else occurred to me – there … Continue reading

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The Gift You Really Wanted — A TiVo Box

TiVo’s post-xmas sales pitch…

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JVC Develops Dual Blu-ray-DVD Disc

Company is not saying when the technology will be commercialized. Also: JVC Develops Dual-Format DVD/Blu-ray Disc Ha! This is sweet – and exactly what I speculated on after the HD-DVD announcement. I guess they *can* put BD content in front … Continue reading

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An xmas request

I bet a lot of people will be getting TiVo’s today. And a lot of them will be looking for help and advice – but most of them will probably not know about tivolovers, let alone all the links on … Continue reading

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What I watch…

I redid my TiVo Season Pass list as HTML and used the recently added feature of TiVo Central Online to link the shows so anyone else with a Series2 TiVo can schedule recordings online just by clicking on my links. … Continue reading

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