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Next-Gen DVD Format War Ramps Up

An apparent war for market share between two proposed high-definition DVD formats has both the electronics and entertainment industries buzzing, with numerous observers believing this could be the biggest home entertainment format battle since the videotape wars between VHS and … Continue reading

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Is ‘Transitional Fair Use’ The Wave Of The Future?

When HBO’s “Six Feet Under” returns in 2005, it won’t just be the end of a long-running hit series. It may also be a turning point for TV viewers who are in the habit of recording shows to watch weeks … Continue reading

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New DVR may have video on demand

DirecTV is preparing to offer a digital video recorder (DVR) service in mid-2005 that could duplicate virtually every feature now available from current partner TiVo, plus provide video on demand similar to what’s offered on cable, say executives of the … Continue reading

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Firm intros text-friendly two-sided discs

DualDisc and DVD(plus) discs have until now been devoid of graphics, apart from limited text on the inner ring. Because both sides of these CD/DVD hybrids contain optical data, it has been impossible to apply graphics to them.

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Four studios support HD DVD, Toshiba says

Toshiba said Monday that it has won support for the HD DVD optical disc standard from Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and New Line Cinema, advancing its cause in the battle for the next-generation DVD. Unfortunately, if this holds, … Continue reading

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