Introducing TiVo Third Party Developer Tools For Television.

This is a handout I grabbed at the TiVo booth. I’m not feeling great, so I’m just going to type this in fast and not try to format it nicely… The info is the interesting part anyway.

Your content. Your services. On TiVo.
TiVo makes it all possible –
Introducing TiVo Third Party Developer Tools For Television.

The digital living room. It’s the center of the family entertainment experience. It’s where you want your content and services to be. TiVo makes it possible to put them there, with TiVo Third Party Developer Tools For Television. Whether they’re video, audio, or Internet-based, you can leverage your existing content and services onto the television and into the living room. And you retain control over how they are deployed.

The Opportunity
U.S. broadband access has now surpassed 51% of the online population, and consumer demand for broadband services has never been higher. Consumers are seeking rich broadband experiences focused on entertainment – the problem is, entertainment is best consumed in the living room, from the sofa. Not on the PC in the den, sitting in a desk chair. If you’re a broadband content provider, getting your content on the television in the living room previously mean you had to do one of two things: (1) license your content to a third-party distributor and give up control and/or (2) rely on the consumer to purchase a media extender or drag their PC into the living room and hook it up to the television. Not a very goof way to build a compelling business. But now, there’s a way for you to deliver your content and services directly to the television in the living room. You retain control over your content, brand, revenue, and the consumer experience. TiVo provides you the path and the tools to do it.

Why TiVo?
Since 1997, TiVo has been synonymous with providing consumers the best entertainment experience on their television. TiVo pioneered “what what you want, when you want” and “TV your way”. TiVo introduced advanced broadband network features such as photo sharing, music streaming, and online scheduling more than two years ago – features that others are beginning to copy only now. With a large living room footprint of broadband-capable DVRs, TiVo is ideally positioned to introduce exciting new broadband services to consumers.

Over the past year, TiVo has embarked on a series of initiatives to open the TiVo platform to third-party developers and content providers. These are the Broadband Content Delivery and Multimedia Web Services initiatives. As part of these initiatives, TiVo has developed a rich set of tools, SDKs, and APIs that allow you to deliver your content and services to TiVo boxes.

Use TiVo Video Publisher to deliver video straight to the consumer’s DVR via broadband.

Use TiVo Multimedia Web Services API to “skin” your web content for consumption on TV.

Integrate with the TiVo Service back-end for complete billing and customer care solutions.

TiVo Video Publisher
For those with existing video assets or work flow, the TiVo Video Publisher enables you to publish your video to the TiVo service. Delivering your video to the television is no longer limited to network broadcast or packaged media. You simply publish your video to the TiVo service, and it makes your video available to TiVo subscribers, packaged, priced, and protected to your specifications.

TiVo Multimedia Web Services API
For those with web-based services and applications, the TiVo Multimedia Web Services API makes it easy to translate them for TV. Audio, JPEG, XML, and RSS-based services can now be “skinned” for the television and controlled with the TiVo remote. The Java-based TiVo tools give you everything you need to brand and deliver your existing services and applications to TiVo subscribers.

TiVo Service Integration
And, for either of the above, TiVo provides the option for full integration with its back-end transaction system, allowing TiVo users to purchase/subscribe to your content and services using their remote. You decide how your content and services are made available. You retain control over your assets and business. TiVo handles the transactions and billing, and passes you the revenue.

Getting Started
Now, it’s easy to deploy your content and services to the living room TV. You don’t have to ask your customers to install software, drag the PC into the living room, or get an expensive “media extender”. TiVo gives you industry standard third party tools to integrate your content and services directly into the TV experience. TiVo has the best customer demographic for new entertainment products and services. And more importantly, TiVo gives you control – over your content, your services, your revenue, and your destiny.

TiVo Subscribers Are Your Target Customers

  • Median age: 35
  • 80% are between 25-54
  • 68% married
  • 35% have children under 18
  • Median HH income: $100,000 – $149,000
  • Watch 10-20 hours of TV/movies each week
  • 80% are PPV purchasers
  • 62% subscribe to premium channels
  • 90% have broadband

Contact TiVo today to learn more!
TiVo Inc
2160 Gold Street
Alviso, CA 95002
(408) 519-9100

I saw demos of this technology – being able to watch a preview of a film, then buy it via broadband. Or ordering a DVD online. Basically anything you could buy electronically, or have shipped. It looks very cool.

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  • cassiusdrow

    80% are PPV purchasers

    Wow. Do that many people really use PPV? I have never ordered one in my life, and only watched 2 ordered by other people….

  • michaelallroy

    i use it for fights sometimes, but i’ve never seen the point of using it for movies. no way am i going to pay money to watch a pan-and-scan version of a film. i don’t even watch them for “free” on premium channels, which i really only subscribe to for boxing and original series (sopranos et al). the same films can be seen sooner on dvd, for less money, in their proper format and almost always with a superior sound mix.

    original aspect ratio or death.

  • cassiusdrow

    I agree about OAR. Also why would I pay *more* for the PPV than a dvd rental? Not only is PPV usually pan-and-scan, but usually no 5.1 audio and the cable signal looks awful compared to dvd.

    I’ll still watch the occasional movie on the premium channels just because I’m only marginally interested and it’s easier to TiVo it than go out and rent it. And these are usually movies where aspect ratio and 5.1 audio are less necessary (such as comedies or simple dialog driven movies), or I simply would not pay (additional) money to see the movie.

    Since I’m not much of a sports fan, I never order PPVs for that reason. But of the two PPVs I saw, one was a Tyson fight, the other was a movie but I can’t remember which one.

    I suppose if one only has a 19 inch mono TV, PPV would be easier than going out to rent a vhs/dvd.