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Wow, we just hit 300 people ‘watching’ this community. This place has really grown a lot, and fairly rapidly. Welcome to everyone out there. Spread the word to your friends, the more the merrier. (I just realized my anniversary was … Continue reading

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Voom just got bought by Dish Network

Read about it here. Just yesterday I read that Cablevision, who owned Voom, had decided to sell it off – that didn’t take long. Seeing as Voom is a very small start-up operator, I expect they’ll probably just be rolled … Continue reading

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I knew it wouldn’t take long.

Decrypting .TiVo (TTG) files. Actually I’m surprised it took as long as it did. Next someone will write a point-and-click DRM stripper I bet – just like for every other DRM system. It really wouldn’t be hard to do given … Continue reading

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