I knew it wouldn’t take long.

Decrypting .TiVo (TTG) files.

Actually I’m surprised it took as long as it did. Next someone will write a point-and-click DRM stripper I bet – just like for every other DRM system. It really wouldn’t be hard to do given the architecture.

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  • slider10

    Good shit! I gotta try this. If it works, then I wouldn’t have to convert it using TMPEGenc and that alone would save me an hour or more.

  • megazone

    I like that in the example image he’s decrypting an episode of Invader Zim. :-)

  • buran

    This will be useful for seeing if I can’t burn a DVD of a show about what we study here in lab … seeing as I use Macs to burn DVDs.

  • emarosan

    Now if only we could do this on Macs…

  • glenn66

    I’m not versed on the process used, is it converted to DVD Compliant MPEG2 or just MPEG2 in the exact mode it is recorded in??? (excuse my ignorance if I use the wrong terms) Otherwise won’t it still need to be reencoded to DVD Compliant for most DVD burning SW, and the benefit is solely that the DRM is now gone???

  • glenn66

    Sorry meant DVD Authoring SW, not DVD Burning SW…

  • megazone

    Correct, this is just a DRM stripper – but it means you can take the resulting .mpg and use any authoring, conversion, etc, tool that you want to use. And not be limited to tools that can import .TiVo files.

  • glenn66

    The mac people may want to find some cheapo machine that will just be able to perform this and the TTG function and then move the DRMless file over to their macs. ;)

  • emarosan

    Hrm, I’m having a problem finding the Muxer… odd, since I installed Xmuxer… There’s the Demultiplexer, but the Muxer… not there…

  • yakko7178

    reinstall it. I had the same problem.

  • emarosan

    Hrm, nevermind, I turned on my brain and assumed he didn’t write complete instructions and just rooted around until I found the right filters which are named differently…

  • anonymous

    “Next someone will write a point-and-click DRM stripper I bet – just like for every other DRM system.”

    Actually someone already has. However, thanks to the DMCA, it can’t actually be released to the public. :(


  • megazone

    Actually, I knew that… and perhaps have a copy… But, yeah, distributing it would be, at the least, asking for TiVo to disable their account and at worst asking for a charge under the DMCA.

    But I still think someone will write on and post it – especially if outside the US, or in some other anonymous fashion. It’d be best if the source were posted – once the source is loose online, forget it.

  • psuedomeat

    Has anyone had any success at authoring these mpegs on a mac?
    I cam play them using vlan, if I tweak the output settings a bit, but I can’t get quicktime to play them properly.