New version of JavaHMO – with TiVoToGo support

There is a beta version of JavaHMO 2.3 out which adds native support for TiVoToGo – meaning it can replace TiVo Desktop. It also has the ability to *automatically* transfer shows to your PC based on pre-set criteria. So you could have a PC with big drives snarf over shows as they’re recorded to auto-archive, etc.

I’ve been meaning to rebuild one of my old PCs, which has a RAID motherboard, into a media server – this seems like a good reason to bump that up my To Do list. :-)

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  • benclark

    Forgive me for not being entirely familiar with JavaHMO, but I assume that this support for ToGo is still Windows-specific, despite the app being ported to other OSes?

  • wickerdotus

    I saw on the Tivo Community web site that a Linux version isn’t available yet, but a Mac one is. That is the great thing about Java applications. They should be platform independent..

  • benclark

    Yes, Java is great in that respect — but the files coming from the TiVo still have a Windows-specific DRM attached to them, am I right? So, even though I can get the applet to run on Mac OS X, I probably wouldn’t be able to open the ToGo video files… Or am I way off base here?

  • megazone

    You’re right. While you can transfer to *any* platform right now (just use a web browser if nothing else), the only platform with decryption support today is Windows – specifically 2k/XP.

  • bkdelong

    I was just thinking about that the other day. That would rock if, while sleeping, I could get Tivo to download the new Jon Stewart, BBC News and other shows to my desktop. VERY cool.