TiVo to create DVR sans cable box

TiVo plans to introduce a high-resolution digital video recorder and deliver programming over the Internet, in an effort to differentiate itself from recording services offered by cable and satellite providers, the company said Thursday.

TiVo said it will launch in early 2006 a cable-ready, high-definition DVR with CableCARD built in that also includes a cable tuner.

So early 2006. That’s later than I’d hoped, but still within reason IMHO. HDTV is really starting to grow, but it is still a small market segment of the overall TV market. Coming out at that point should also mean they’ll be supporting 2-way CableCARD, which I think is the right choice – instead of coming out now with one-way tuners that will be obsolete in a year. And if the market pressures pick up, they could always accelerate these plans.

I also wanted to note I’ll probably be posting news in the Blu-ray Disc LJ community as well for those interested in that tech.

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  • mhaithaca

    “Early 2006″ might be JUST in time to catch the annual Super Bowl fueled burst of TV equipment sales.

    Yes, HD is still a small market segment, but I fear that if TiVo doesn’t lead the segment, they will be lost in the flurry of other products and will have a hard time recovering.

    Thanks for the news!

  • dangermouse74

    as much as i love my tivo, they are just too far behind not supporting HDTV and digital audio, surround sound and all, and cable card with multiple tuners. i wonder if they will be able to compete. the cable version of tivo doesn’t have all the features tivo has, but what has tivo come up with besides home media int he last few years. they’re losing the race.